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Argus Investigative Services, Inc. was established by Rocco E. Fuschetto in 1972 after a successful eleven year career as a retail Security Director.  He was responsible for twenty five stores, a central warehouse with thirty trucks, overseeing five hundred cashiers and maintained a security force of over two hundred security agents.  These duties included designing and implementing policies and procedures for store operations, the training of employees for new store openings and designing alarm systems.  His job responsibilities included all facets of both internal and external safety and security procedures.  It was through this knowledge and experience that set forth the principle and philosophy that Argus was founded on, “That no job was too small for us to handle or too large for us to manage”.

Our policy is that we will not accept money from anyone we feel we cannot help.  We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  Our goal has always been to accomplish the mission.  We bring to the table a staff of talented experts whose background and initiatives are in concert with these principles that contribute to our many successful endeavors.

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Private Investigator
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Argus Investigative Services, Inc.,
1988 Route 22, East Scotch Plains ,New Jersey-07076 ,
Telephone No.908-322-9003
New Jersey
Argus Investigative Services, Inc. was established by Rocco E. Fuschetto in 1972. Experience is knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered or undergone. This is what we have gained having served the legal, business and private communities for the past 39 years. Our proven history of success is best described by our references which are available upon request. Investigative techniques, knowledge of the law and the ability to integrate the use of electronic equipment have been the mainstay in our ability to succeed where others have failed.